Optic plate with Holosun K-series footprint finally available for CZ Shadow 2 OR & Compact

We finally got on stock plates that can hold Holosun K-series red dots [listed below] on your optics ready CZ Shadow 2 and CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

Thanks to that you can now mount red dots with this footprint directly through plate, without any footprint converters.


CZ Shadow 2 OR optic plate for Holosun K-series footprint

You can find the Holosun K-series plate here.

Compatible red dots

To this plate you can isntall following red dots:

Compatible CZ models

This optic plate is made for optics ready CZ Shadow 2 models. Make sure to double check if your model is optics ready or not. Because if not, there is no way this plate will work for you.

Full list of compatible models below:

  • CZ Shadow 2 OR
  • CZ Shadow 2 Orange OR
  • CZ Shadow 2 Compact