How to mount Holosun EPS / EPS Carry to CZ Shadow 2 Compact

Very often we receive emails on how to install EPS to Shadow 2 Compact. Instead of answering all of the emails one by one, we decided to make a post on it, so that you can find the solution this way. 

How to do it

As far as we know, there is not yet any manufacturer making adapter plate that would make it possible to mount Holosun EPS to CZ Shadow 2 Compact. However, there is a way how to do it thanks to footprint adapters. 

Shadow 2 Trijicon RMR plate & Holosun K-serie footprint adapterAdapter plate and Trijicon RMR plateHolosun EPS

The solution is then quite simple. You can get the standard CZ plate for CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready for Trijicon RMR footprint (which is also compatible with CZ Shadow 2 Compact). And you can then combine it with footprint adapter plate from Holosun, which changes the footprint of the plate from Trijicon RMR to Holosun K-serie.

The adapter plate comes with longer screws so you do not have to worry the factory screws not being long enough. 

Holosun EPS with adapter plate Holosun EPS & adapter plate and Trijicon RMR plate

What will you need