Red dots with C-More RTS footprint | Optics Spot

C-More is a footprint shared by other manufacturers for their red dots.  

C-More red dot footprint

Compared to Trijicon RMR footprint and Vortex Venom footprint, the footprint of C-More RTS red dot is much less common.

This footprint secures the red dot to the plate by four pins in each of the corners, and by two screws in the middle. 

  • The pins fit into the footprint of the red dot as they are. 
  • The screws that secure the red dot to the plate or mount are always included in the red dot package.

Red dots with C-More RTS footprint

C-More RTS

You can find red dot mounts with C-More RTS footprint for installation into standard pistols as a replacement of rear sights. 

Also we have red dot plates with C-More RTS footprint to allow installation into pistols with red dot cut from factory.


*When looking for a red dot plate with compatible footprint, please make also sure the red dot itself is not larger than the red dot cut on the gun allows. We had situations when red dot was fitting the plate as it shared the same footprint, but the red dot was simply too long to fit into the cut in the slide of a pistol. In the case of C-More footprint this is the case with red dots Sig Sauer 3 XL and Sig Sauer 3 Max.*